The surface treatment plants at Dinkle Enterprise were established to meet the long-term goals of the company. We are also one of few companies in China with professional license to operate electroplating processes. The main functions of the plants are to satisfy the demands of the customers and to improve product quality so as to elevate the competition level and establish a long-term business aim for this company.

Many metallic materials and products often are unable to satisfy all the specifications and quality requirements. Some of these products require surface treatments to either improve appearance, resistance to corrosion, or conductivity. There are numerous treatment methods including electroplating, positive surface treatment, Chemical plating, and chemical treatment.

Currently, the treatments available at Dinkle Enterprise include: electroplating, submerged plating, Chemical plating, positive surface treatment, steel coloration, and metal layering. Others, such as plastic electroplating, metal injection, and metal coloration will be added in the near future.

Surface treatment plants at Dinkle Enterprise currently support barrel plating and progressive plating of terminals and metal sheets.

Barrel Plating : There are 8 sets of facilities capable of plating with copper, nickel, tin, gold, zinc, silver, nickel (chemically), and gold (chemically). The daily production capacity is approximately 3 tons.

Progressive Plating Lines : There are two sets of facilities capable of plating copper, nickel, gold, and tin (both polished and unpolished). The monthly production capacity of the plating lines is approximately 60 tons for sheet metal, while the terminals are produced at 65000 Kpcs per month.

Base Materials : Phosphor Bronze, Steel, stainless steel, nickel plates, nickel-copper alloy, and nickel-manganese alloy.

Inspection Tools :
Atomic absorption spectrophotometer, UV Spectrophotometer, X-Ray Analysis Instrument, Microscope with 250 Magnification, Saline Spray Inspector, Moisture Analyzer, and High-Temperature Oven.

Water Quality : There is one set of water purifier that can produce 6 tons of pure water with conductivity below 10μs.

Waste Water Disposal : Daily disposal is at 250 tons, and has been certified and licensed by the bureau of environmental protection.

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