In order to meet the demands of globalization and development in various key markets, Dinkle Enterprise delivers the most effective and competitive customer services.

Not only do we continuously develop new products to provide the customers with a wider range of options, Dinkle Enterprise has also established a complete and fully functional service team to answer special requests from the customers for maximum satisfaction.

Whether it is concept realization, manufacturing execution, or even product improvement, the team of close to one hundred engineers at Dinkle Enterprise can efficiently output maximum contribution at all stages.

From hundreds of successful cases in the past with Dinkle Enterprise, the customers completely satisfied with our products. Furthermore, the customers saved the costs of product development, while we gain valuable experiences.

The metal stamping factories at Dinkle Enterprise are mainly involved in model design, manufacture, post-processing, and assembly. The products include pins for terminal blocks, composite processing, metal and plastic components for electronics, power sockets, transformer parts, and other components, such as springs. In terms of hardware, Dinkle Enterprise currently has 20~ 110ton high-precision and high-speed stamping machines, high-precision CNC modeling devices, CNC wire cutting machines, precision slitting machine, precision paring machine, plating thickness x-ray tester, Vickers/Rockwell hardness tester, and salt-water spray machine. All these devices are available to service the customers at any time.

The plastic-processing factories at Dinkle Enterprise have the most advanced equipments (including Twin-Screw extrusion machines, high-precision plastic injection machines, and Automation injection machies) to serve all kinds of demands from the customers. Furthermore, Dinkle also possess the high-level plastic processing and molding technological backbone and can respond immediately and efficiently to errors during production. The main products provided by these factories at Dinkle Enterprise are the various types of plastic parts and small-to-medium product components.

Apart from supplying standard product components, Dinkle Enterprise also provides customized services for the customers. By utilizing the basis derived from component manufacturing, information of relevant hardware and production capabilities, together with the customer expertise to quickly manufacture the desired products in China, while minimizing the time, capital, and risks required to attain mutual benefits.

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